Contemporary and Applied Philosophy

2016: Selected Papers of 2nd CCPEA

This special issue consists of peer-reviewed papers that are based on
presentations given at the Second Conference on Contemporary Philosophy in
East Asia (CCPEA).

The conference, co-organised by the Japan Association for the Contemporary
and Applied Philosophy, was held at Kyoto University on 28th and 29th
August 2014.

On the behalf of the editorial board, let me express my deepest gratitude
to all who supported the conference and the publication of its selected
papers, especially to our devoted secretariats, Ms. Sachi Miki and Ms.
Ayumi Yamamoto.

Yasuo Deguchi.

-The Guest Chief Editor-
Yasuo Deguchi

-Editorial Board-
Daisuke Kaida
Satoshi Kodama
Masahiko Mizutani
Tetsuji Iseda

-Peer Reviewer-
Michael Campbell
Ruey-Lin Chen
Kai-Yuan Cheng
Yasuo Deguchi
Naoya Fujikawa
Itsuki Hayashi
Tetsuji Iseda
Daisuke Kaida
Nobutsugu Kanzaki
Masashi Kasaki
Satoshi Kodama
Tetsuya Kono
Tora Koyama
Naozumi Mitani
Yuko Murakami
Chen-quo Lin
Makoto Suzuki
Kazuhisa Todayama
Rong-Ling Wang
Shunsuke Yatabe



Triangulation, the Third Dogma, and the Problem of Objectivity PDF
James Steven Michael 1-14
An Evolutionary Theory for Science and Technology PDF
Nakayama Yasuo 15-42
Against Always Benefiting the Greater Number PDF
Gerard Vong 43-49
Picturing and Meta-Linguistic Expressivism PDF
Mitani Naozumi 50-69
Butler’s Distinction Defended: The Nonindexical Context-Sensitivity of ‘Identity’ PDF
Yokoro Yoshiyuki 70-85
Propositional Attitudes from a Peircean Viewpoint PDF
Kato Takafumi 86-100
Leibniz and “Biology”――A historical and philosophical consideration PDF
Matsuda Tsuyoshi 101-117
Bifa Ji and Qizhi: Interpretations for Muqi and Contemporary Chinese Art PDF
Brubaker David A. 118-141
How to think about the paradox of Ushenko's picture “A New Epimenides” PDF
Suzuki Mana 142-155

ISSN 1883-4329